Japan is jumping the trend that hit the USA not so many years ago. Day trading once a hobby for some is fast becoming a profession for many. A full time job enjoyed by many because of the freedom involved in the job and they fell they are not bringing a profit for the corporate world, but a profit for themselves.

Not so many years ago the people of Japan would view stocks as a gamble and from this they have stayed away from it, but now the trend is changing for the new generation of day traders. The markets has the attention of many people as some take short breaks from work checking their stocks and stay at home mothers place orders to buy or sell.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has reported a 30 percent increase in traders from 1995. Currently there are well over 35 million individual stock investors and that number is growing at a rapid pace. Internet brokerages jumped past the 7.9 million accounts in September, up from just 296,941 in 1999. This brought a 22.8 trillion yen ($196.9 billion) trading value for the brokerages.

Day trading can bring anyone to the game regardless of age, sex, and race. You enter at your own risk, but run the chance of being rewarded with more then you can imagine. Currently day trading can be done for $250 or less for a FOREX account or $25,000 to trade stocks on the NASDAQ. The biggest misconception of day trading is not when someone buys something and holds on to it, but when they buy something and get rid of it the same day and that is a day trader. More information about day trading will be posted in the future.