The results of functioning of SEZ of Ukraine in 2003

Investment activities

Attracted investments totaling $ 497.1 million U.S., representing 167.1% of 2002, including:

by TPA in the Donetsk region attracted 250.4 million dollars Million, or 59.7% of the total volume of attracted investments for special Territory, Kharkov – 57,7 million (11,6%), Autonomous Republic of Crimea – 53,2 million (10,7%), FEZ “Nikolaev” -37.5 Million (7.6%) and the Transcarpathian region – 31,1 million (7,4%).

In 2003, the implementation of the projects generate revenue 25,3% (262.3 million hryvnia) of the total investment in fixed capital in Kharkiv, 24.5% (1260.3 million hryvnia) in the Donetsk and 17,1% (200 million hryvnia) in the Transcarpathian areas, 20.5% (197.9 million hryvnia) in Nikolaev, 12,8% (229.1 million hryvnia) in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

As a positive trend, it should be noted cessation of 2003 capital flowing to the special territory of the other regions countries, whose share in the past few years (for peer review) in financing projects amounted to about 10% annually.

Production and foreign trade activities

In the framework of implementation of investment projects carried out products (works, services) in the amount of 12,3 billion hryvnia. The rate of growth production of special areas (163%) higher than the regional (127%) and nation-wide figures (110,9%).

Accordingly, increasing the share of output, produced by the subjects of SEZ and TPD in the total commodity output regions their location (from 2,9% in 2000 to 10,6% in 2003) and Ukraine in the whole (1,3% in 2000 to 4,8% in 2003).

Significantly affect the development of production in regions projects that are implemented on special areas in the Transcarpathian region, share in the volume of regional production in 2003 reached 45,7% (0,3 billion hryvnia), Donetsk region – 18,4% (8,6 billion hryvnia).

Estimated sales volume of Industrial Policy and Industry production projects in special areas do not exceed 8% of volume of sales industry as a whole in Ukraine, and not pose a significant competitive industries that operate in general mode.

In the framework of projects increases the production added value, both in absolute and specific indicators, with the an employee in the SEZ and TPD has 30,7 thousand hryvnia PDS (in Ukraine 20.04 thousand hryvnia per worker). The highest rates for PDS per worker have a special area in the Donetsk region (44,6 thousand hryvnia), Kharkiv (27,1 thousand hryvnia), Odessa region and the Autonomous Republic Crimea (by 23,9 thousand hryvnia).

Gradually increase the share of exports in the framework of investment projects of the subjects of SEZ and TPD in the total exports of the regions of location (from 2,4% in 2000 to 8,7% in 2003) and Ukraine in the whole (with 1,1% to 4,1%).

Employment and incomes

Throughout the year, set up 14,5 thousand new and saved about 22 thousand existing jobs that are relatively in 2002 respectively 146.3% and 151.1% (9.9 thousand and 14.4 thousand workers places).

Significant impact on solving the problems of employment have investment projects in specific areas in the Lviv region, which provided 72% entered employment of their total number in region, as well as in Zhytomyr (54,6%), Transcarpathian (35%), Donetsk (38.3%) and BMS “Nikolaev” (31,7%).

Average wages in enterprises that implement investment projects in the SEZ and TPD in 1,41 times higher than the average for their regions location and 1.38 times the average wage in Ukraine.

In 2003 it was 639.4 hryvnia and has positive tendency to increase (400 hryvnia in 2000; 427.5 hryvnia in 2001; 575.7 hryvnia in 2002).

In the context of individual areas of performance has fluctuate. In particular, in the Donetsk region (Krasnoarmeysk) – 1299.3 hryvnia, FEZ “Porto-Franco” – 1297.9 hryvnia, BMS “Nikolaev” – 709.4 hryvnia, FEZ “Transcarpathia” – 702.8 hryvnia, which in 1,5-2,8 times higher than the average wage for region, which has created these special areas.