Technology Policy: the experience of East Asian countries

The study subjects of the national innovation development, there are many problems. To one of the most serious is that the very notion of innovation development is sufficiently vague methodological outline. Practically there is no conceptual base, weakly investigated the relationship between economic and technology policy, there is no clear distinction between technology and innovation policy, there is no division goals, objectives and mechanisms for implementation of innovation policy at the federal, regional and enterprise levels, etc. The complexity, diversity, poor methodological study problems of innovative development, as well as the specifics of the magnitude of the Russian economy and the potentially high diversification of technological and innovative capabilities dictates the need for the provision of the nodal point at which to start building the framework of the principles of innovation economy in Russia. Since innovation policy “is built” on technology policy, it seems to us that in order to form the basis of national innovation policy in our country tactically need to switch attention to the study of technological development, more precisely, to study the role of technology in the modern market economy. Unfortunately, the relationship aspect of the market and technology have largely been studied in Russia, and we will try in this article shed some light on this subject.