Technology parks in Ukraine

At Inguletsky GOK launched an innovative project on pre-enrichment of iron ore by dry magnetic separation technology and magnetic flotation concentrates. Implementing this project improves the iron content in the concentrate from 64 to 70%, which corresponds to the performance of the world GOKs working on a much richer ores. In October 2003, introduced the first phase of the complex magnetic-flotation cleanup. At the opening set of the leaders of the Ukrainian government appreciated the event as a technological breakthrough, exempting InGOK the top ten world GOKs.

In the work on innovative projects Technopark PWI involved about 6000 people, more than 500 jobs newly created. The funds were used Technopark special accounts earmarked for:

– Creation, modernization and reconstruction of scientific and technological and pilot sites, the acquisition of scientific and industrial equipment (93,9%);
– Conducting research and development work, preparation of design and technological documentation, specifications, patent development, acquisition of rights to intellectual property rights (5,9%);
– Organizing conferences, seminars and exhibitions, publication of research results and innovation activities (0,2%).

Basic scientific organization Technopark – PWI them. Paton in the development of its scientific laboratories, aged over the past decade, received 3,8 million UAH. Now the expense of centralized special accounts Technopark is preparing a number of unique scientific and innovative projects that the state does not and will shortly have no money (for example, welding of soft human tissue, etc.).

Results of the first 3 years of operation indicate that techno justify hopes placed in them. As a catalyst for promoting the development of high-tech industry sector, activity parks in Ukraine raises the attractiveness of domestic production for investors, promotes competitive domestic high-tech products on world markets, reducing import dependence of the Ukrainian economy. In carrying out innovative projects create a sustainable functioning of production of innovative products that are in demand in the domestic and foreign markets.

President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician Boris E. Paton