As a concrete example is the work of Technopark “PWI them. Paton.

For 3 years the participants Technopark approved innovative projects produced goods in the amount of 1.256 bln., Including exports 178.5 mln.

The budget Technopark received at the beginning of its activities 0,5 million hryvnia, as listed in the budget for three years 34,2 mln.griven. Reinvest in innovation projects due to the special regime parks totaled 48.3 million hryvnia. This is slightly more than 10% of the total cost of project implementation, the rest is financed – through their own resources implementing projects. But even such a small support helps resolve issues not resolved for many years.

Here are just some of them.

A joint project of Technopark IES and Electric Machine Building Works “SELMA” resulted in a significant upgrade and expand the range of equipment for arc welding – a technology widely used in industry and construction. This not only ensured the needs of Ukraine in the welding equipment, but also significantly increased its deliveries abroad. The share of exports today is over 65% of total output.

Institute of Electric them. Paton, together with the Engineering Center of pressure welding technology developed and designed a new generation of machines for resistance welding of rails. Custom Kakhovka welding equipment, they are already used in construction of high-speed railways and “velvet” way underground. The project foresees the end of 2005 to bring the share of exports from 20% to 75% of the total output. Already signed contracts with China, Korea, Austria and Russia for the supply of new equipment for butt welding. Now for the special accounts funds drafted pipe welder for the construction of a new generation of oil and gas pipelines.

Innovation Project Zaporizhzhya plant welding fluxes and glass products designed to bring to the industrial level and production developed at the Institute of duplex smelting technology welding fluxes. This allows production of both traditional, well-behaved well-established brand fluxes, and new high-flux for welding. They are applied to the bridge and ship building, pipe industry, including in the northern latitudes. Cut in half the cost of scarce expensive imported components of the charge, which are replaced by slag, waste steel and pipe welding plants in Ukraine.