Technology parks in Europe

Paradoxically, what crises are of particularly rapid growth of technology parks. When in the early 80’s, many parts of the UK hit a crisis in the textile and coal industries, Margaret Thatcher decided to create a regional crisis, industrial parks near universities. Now there are over 40. The rate at industrial parks in the UK was completely justified.

The first European parks were established in 1971 in Scotland at Edinburgh University and the campus of Cambridge University. Despite the fact that in Europe, science and technology parks were set up within the U.S., they also acted as a generator of industrial jobs, aimed at introducing the latest achievements of science and technology.

By the Year 2000 date, the European innovation infrastructure, there were more than 1,5 thousands of different innovation centers, including more than 260 scientific and technological parks.

For the European parks, created much later than the U.S. (especially in the 80-ies), characterized by a shorter period of formation. They were based on experiences, had an elaborated program and business plans and therefore developed more quickly and successfully.

European parks, tend to rely on large research centers, and represent a kind of bridge for technology transfer between the scientific sector and industry. Clients parks in Europe are a large number of enterprises, both public and private ownership. About 70% of all clients – is a private company.