An example of European industrial park can serve as a “Chateou Bombert Technopole” (city of Mariel, France), covering an area of 180 hectares, uniting 50 enterprises, employing 1,100 staff. The hotel companies – infrastructure technology park, business incubator, conference halls, exhibition halls, a restaurant, a technological institute with 230 researchers and 1200 students, the center of industrial development. In addition, created and operates an international center for robotics and artificial intelligence.

A very interesting German experience of creating and functioning of the technological park in the city of Cologne (Technologie Park Koln, Grunder – und Innovations Zentrum – GIZ).

Cologne industrial park created on the ground and in the premises of the old chemical plant, the total area of 141 thousand square meters. m and production – about 50 thousand square meters. m. By the beginning of 80 years is a company which employed at one time about 10 thousand people, was on the verge of collapse. Very complex financial problems exacerbated environmental problems and, as a consequence, the decline of the overall infrastructure in the nearby region. In 1981-1982 the plant was given for a nominal fee entirely a stranger to the private investor. Incidentally, it was an American, that is absolutely not embarrassed by the German authorities. This investor funds for their rooms cleaned up the plant and adjacent territory, has made the necessary reconstruction, adequate infrastructure for conducting business and gave the premises to many small private companies under somewhat more favorable than existed then in the described region. It was set up this technology park. To make it more attractive for participants, both existing and new, in one building industrial park was established technology center, providing free professional services to all who wish to (without regard to their participation in the Technology Park) in business planning, organization, top and further business. Many of these new companies are then customers Technopark. To the subject of consultation include: discussion and analysis business ideas, and its feasibility, availability of market efficiency ideas; quantity of seed capital, etc. The legal and financial advice is provided at an additional cost and other experts on the recommendation of the center. Conclusion of the center and its recommendations are extremely important in obtaining bank loans. This technology center is also a private company, one of the principal owners of which itself is Mr Shelzke. Given that the services provided by the center, Free, Technology Park gave him the building, which is the center (an area of more than 5 thousand square meters. M), actually for half the rent (8.5 DM / sq. M instead of 15 DM / sq.m.) . Strictly center occupies two small rooms, and the remaining space subleased to have a normal fee. This brings the center of nearly half a million marks a year. Apparently, such cooperation is very beneficial for both partners.