It is difficult to classify unambiguously one or another SEZ, since they possess the characteristic features of many areas. However, among the common in the world of special economic zones can be distinguished a number of specific, task-oriented:

1. customs zone;
2. Tax-free trade zones;
3. Customs Free Zone;
4. free trade zone;
5. foreign trade zone;
6. duty-free export processing zone;
7. Free export zones;
8. free export processing zones;
9. export-production zones;
10. Free economic zones;
11. free industrial zone;
12. Favourable Economic Zone,
13. export-oriented industrial zone;
14. enterprise zones;
15. Zone joint venture;
16. zone of technical-economic development;
17. new development zones and high technology;
18. Techno-innovation zones;
19. scientific and industrial parks;
20. offshore centers;
21. international offshore financial centers;
22. Free Banking Zone;
23. ecological-economic regions;
24. open areas;
25. tourist centers.

Particularly notable for China last 20-year period of reform and opening up, when in science and technology the country has achieved considerable success that shackle the eyes of the world.

It is well known that the seventies marked a new stage in the development of scientific and technological progress, when the “revolutionary wave” of new and high technologies spread throughout the world. An important landmark for the country were the significant words of Deng Xiaoping: “… China must develop its new technology to take its rightful place in the field of high science and technology and world-class.