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International investment – 2

Hence, the volume of international investment is not reduced, and from year to year more and more rapidly. Equities world’s largest corporations listed on stock exchanges around the world. Governments and local authorities, as well as world-renowned firms and companies involved in issue of securities in other countries in the European and world markets. For […]

Foreign investment in Russia

Foreign investment in Russia – an attachment to an object of business activity on its territory in the form: 1. implementation of the agreed real project; 2. money; 3. Securities; 4. property; 5. exclusive rights to intellectual property; 6. information technology; 7. services. Foreign investors are operating in accordance with the law and representing the […]

Investment intermediary

Investment intermediary Any business activity requires a set of market intermediaries, including in the sphere of investment. Mediators – persons who wish to connect to conclude that a particular transaction. Mediators in the investment needed to increase the efficiency of investments in the economy. There is no doubt that the mediators do not always justify […]