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Investment management

Investment management – the process of investment management firm (company). Investment management solves the following main tasks: 1. achieving high economic growth rates; 2. maximization of revenues; 3. minimizing potential risks; 4. ensuring financial stability and solvency; 5. finding ways to accelerate investment programs; The most important functions of investment management are: a study of […]

Investment management – 2

Modern investment theory is based on the formation of not one but a set of objects of real and financial investment, ie whole investment portfolio. Investment portfolio – specifically formed by a set of objects of investment in accordance with our strategy of investing firm (company). There are portfolios: 1. real investment projects – construction […]

Investment management – 3

Central to the operational management of the implementation of the investment project is operational and scheduling of works. Operative scheduling – development of work plans specific performers (the enterprises and subdivisions, sections and jobs) for short periods of time (quarter, month, day and ten days). At the same time, in order to address emerging deviations […]