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Buying and selling foreign currency – 2

In world practice there are also combinations of options on the purchase and sale: a) a purchase option, and 2 for sale – strip; b) 2 of a call option and 1 for sale – strap. Futures (commitment) – an agreement on buying or selling a certain quantity of goods at a specific future date […]

Investment management – 3

Central to the operational management of the implementation of the investment project is operational and scheduling of works. Operative scheduling – development of work plans specific performers (the enterprises and subdivisions, sections and jobs) for short periods of time (quarter, month, day and ten days). At the same time, in order to address emerging deviations […]

The effectiveness of current investments

Efficiency – the ratio of the obtained effect and costs incurred. Main – intra-effect is manifested directly in the company and achieved its stated objectives or to better meet social needs with minimal resources and, accordingly, maximum profits. Collateral – manifests itself outside the industry effect, which is obtained along with the ultimate goal of […]