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Foreign investment in Russia

Foreign investment in Russia – an attachment to an object of business activity on its territory in the form: 1. implementation of the agreed real project; 2. money; 3. Securities; 4. property; 5. exclusive rights to intellectual property; 6. information technology; 7. services. Foreign investors are operating in accordance with the law and representing the […]

Investment abroad

The main areas for investment abroad are: 1. implementation of real investment projects; 2. purchase of securities of foreign states, companies (companies); 3. purchase and sale of foreign currency; 4. Work with options and futures. Realization of real investment projects includes: • The conclusion of mutually beneficial agreements with governments and private organizations of foreign […]

Investment management

Investment management – the process of investment management firm (company). Investment management solves the following main tasks: 1. achieving high economic growth rates; 2. maximization of revenues; 3. minimizing potential risks; 4. ensuring financial stability and solvency; 5. finding ways to accelerate investment programs; The most important functions of investment management are: a study of […]

Investment management – 2

Modern investment theory is based on the formation of not one but a set of objects of real and financial investment, ie whole investment portfolio. Investment portfolio – specifically formed by a set of objects of investment in accordance with our strategy of investing firm (company). There are portfolios: 1. real investment projects – construction […]

Investment monitoring

Monitoring – a mechanism of continuous monitoring of the results of the implementation of investment projects in a changing market. Monitoring of investment projects includes: • Select the most important areas of investment activity; • construction of a system of reporting indicators for each area of investment activity; • Developing evaluation criteria for effective implementation […]

Government regulation of investment activity – 2

The regulation of financial investment involves the establishment of legislative bodies the possibility of issuing different types of securities, the order of their treatment, requirements for issuers, forms and methods of individual financial instruments at primary and secondary stock market, state control over the circulation of securities and financial intermediaries. Government should develop the concept […]

Government regulation of investment activity – 3

Regulation of investor participation in privatization is carried out in accordance with a Russian “Law on privatization”, and developed the federal (regional) program of selling assets of state and municipal enterprises to private ownership or transfer to individual owners under certain conditions. The attractions here is the provision of property rights to physical and legal […]

Effectiveness of investment projects – 6

In calculating the economic efficiency of investments at the level of the national economy of the achieved effects include: • the final production results – revenues from sales of works, services and products; • The amount of the proceeds from the sale of property and intellectual property – licenses, patents, know-how, computer programs, etc.; • […]

Investment intermediary

Investment intermediary Any business activity requires a set of market intermediaries, including in the sphere of investment. Mediators – persons who wish to connect to conclude that a particular transaction. Mediators in the investment needed to increase the efficiency of investments in the economy. There is no doubt that the mediators do not always justify […]