As earning season gets into high swing, the bears will be stretching out as the numbers for the reporting companies have been lower than expected. Look for the first of the Dow Components to announce its 3rd quarter results today from Alcoa. Modest profits are expected but the prevailing winds say that 3rd quarter results will be some of the lowest numbers in years. Look for the bears to come out and play for the big boys but the value coming from smaller companies is still high so get in while you can. Also look for tech to ride the news that Google jumped past Wal-Mart in largest company numbers, there should be some modest gains there.

Bonds could be up with the economic forecasts to come. Lots of value could be had so look into the market when you can.

The Dollar is oversold by many estimations but think long term with that for a recovery. For today the dollar might not show signs of recovery with the economic news but be ready at any moment to get some nice profits.

For today expect the bears to come out as earning season gets started. Stay sharp and find value where you can.