JSC “Technopark-Zelenograd”

Founders of the industrial park:
• Moscow Fund for Support and Development of Small Business;
• Department of State and municipal property of Moscow;
• Moscow Innovation Fund;
• Association of Small Business.


Technopark is located in the four-storey building, which has 10,000 square meters. m. industrial and 1,5 thousand square meters. m. of office space and support facilities (conference hall, meeting rooms, exhibition hall, the Internet – cafe, etc.).


• The development of highly innovative technologies in Russia;
• Small business development innovation orientation, providing the best, compared with the average for the region, the conditions of doing business for small manufacturing enterprises;
• the establishment of industrial and scientific relations between large industrial enterprises and small high technology businesses;
• creation of new jobs. Main tasks:
• the formation of regional market-oriented scientific and industrial infrastructure, the integration of the scientific and industrial and educational complex of Zelenograd;
• creating a system of integrated support for small innovative enterprises;
• promote the creation and development of new technologies and organization of production and import-competitive products market conditions;
• ensuring the conditions for the preparation of management innovation enterprises in the commercialization of technology and innovation management;
• promote international relations of small high-tech firms in the science and innovation.

As part of an integrated support for innovative projects seeks to bring the range of services to the principle of “one window” – came in Technopark media innovation has to be cut out of the bureaucracy and get on the spot, any consultancy services, assistance in registering a small business, technical and financial support of the project as well as premises for its implementation.