Investment management – the process of investment management firm (company). Investment management solves the following main tasks:
1. achieving high economic growth rates;
2. maximization of revenues;
3. minimizing potential risks;
4. ensuring financial stability and solvency;
5. finding ways to accelerate investment programs;

The most important functions of investment management are: a study of environmental and market forecasting investment market;
• identification of strategic investment;
• Develop a strategy of investment resources;
• Search and evaluation of investment attractiveness of real projects, selection of the best of them;
• formation of an investment portfolio and its assessment on criteria of return, risk and liquidity;
• current planning and operational management of the implementation of adopted investment programs and projects;
• the organization of monitoring the implementation of individual investment programs and projects;
• preparation of decisions on a timely exit from inefficient investment programs and projects with the sale of financial instruments and capital reinvestment.
The main objective of investment management is to ensure the most efficient implementation of the investment strategy of the firm (company).
Investment Strategy – Formation of long-term objectives of investment activities and the choice of the best ways to implement them.