Internet – is not only the biggest and most foolish archive reclaimed part of the universe. The emergence of electronic stores and auctions has made it as the most ambitious of all that has ever existed on Earth baraholok. For goods and services ordered over the Internet, will inevitably have to pay. But as representatives of the genus user – people mostly employed and not prone to sudden and prolonged movements, the transfer of money, without getting up from his chair “to their most viable option calculations. For example, for mobile communications, network access, long distance phone calls, utilities, other services, as well as a variety of goods, etc. Using these properties of organisms of Internet users, and earn different Internet payment systems.

In the world there are a great variety of such systems, but they can be divided into 2 types: those who open accounts to customers in the usual money and produce plastic cards for access to the money (transnational Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Russia’s “Rapid”, e -port), and those that use electronic substitutes for money, the so-called electronic cash (Russian WebMoney and PayCash, the latter operates in Russia under the brand name “Yandex. Money, U.S. PayPal and e-gold, EvoCash, etc.). There are also systems that serve as a “gateway” between the Internet and systems – card issuers (Russian CyberPlat, Assist).

“Electronic cash” – a technology that allows to implement a web some similar calculations using cash. Instead, notes in her files are used, certified electronic signature of the issuing system.

The principle of operation is as follows: First, we need to introduce a system of money, ie list them “live” on the bank accounts of the company – owner of the system. This can be done in cash through a network of agents, bank transfer with the card, similar to the online cards. And only then make purchases and pay for services using the system through its Web site.

Main trouble is that “electronic cash” – not money. No country in the world, this means of payment is not legalized. And if the law on this says nothing, then, according to developers of systems, and control the state can not do anything, no, you see, the object of control. Gaps in the law allows to organize the circulation of such surrogates, but to protect the rights of their owners, of course, can not. These troubles partly compensates for the opportunity to obtain the powerful non-cash payments, inaccessible to the all-seeing eye of law enforcement and tax authorities. Do not forget about such an important property of electronic payment systems, as anonymity. In Ukraine, we have found representations of several electronic payment systems.


This is a joint project of the bank “Taurian”, OAO “Corporation” Aerospace Equipment “and the group of companies” Alcor Holding “. PayCash – the international system, its representative offices in Russia, USA, Latvia and the UK (European Office). On the territory of our the country is PayCash LLC Peykesh Ukraine “, which implements the project” Internet-Money. ”

Work is also based on the technology transfer of cash in the “digital cash” (digital cash), originally proposed by David Chaumom (David Chaum, the system eCash). From a user perspective, this network of “electronic purses”, each of which represents a client software the Internet. Purse. The program is installed on a PC from the official website of the company.


In this system a few vague origin. Until now, no one can say exactly who its real owners. According to rumors, WM belongs to a group of Russian emigrants. Domestic Representative WebMoney, ie official agent, is a natural person – entrepreneur.

“Remittance” – is, as the authors, accounting system, through which everybody can share their universal registration units – title signs WebMoney (WM). Means of payment in the system are the titular characters WM several types stored in “electronic purses” of their respective owners: WMR – equivalent of Russian Roubles (R-“purse”)

WME – equivalent of Euro (E-“purse”), WMZ – equivalent of U.S. $ (Z-“purse”). When transferring the funds used same purses, and exchange WMR into WMZ made in exchange offices.

Registration and management of funds made by a client program WM KEEPER. With this program in the “remittance” made payments to other clients of the system. To join, you need to make in its accounts “live” money by transferring them from any bank and postal transfer to the account of one of the official agents of the system.