Under existing conditions of the market economy virtually any investor on the planet, have free cash and wants to benefit their host, may act as follows:
1. create a portfolio of investments only within the country in national currency;
2. used in the formation of the portfolio instruments in foreign currency but traded on the national market;
3. included in the portfolio securities of foreign issuers in local currency and traded in the domestic market;
4. fully develop a portfolio of international investments, covering national, European and world markets.
The efficiency of investment funds within the country is determined by its socio-political structure and economic development. The main advantage of such an investment – a good awareness of their potential uses and existing risks.

In international investment arise:
• Psychological barriers – differences in economy, politics, culture, languages, methods of business, commerce, accounting, etc.;
• Information problems – problems in obtaining reliable data on production and economic and financial activities of foreign firms and companies;
• legal complexity – different interpretations of laws, their approaches to the capital outflow from the country and the tax system;
• greater costs – higher rates of commission to intermediaries, the above fee of foreign trade transactions, a relatively high salary portfolio managers of international investment;
• Additional risks – within the country for residents and nonresidents in another country for non-residents on the export of capital in international relations in the devaluation of foreign currencies.

The benefits of international investment is their higher quality, which provides greater profitability and lower risk than a purely national investment funds.