As of 01.10.04, since the beginning of functioning of the administration of special economic zones (SEZ) and territories of priority development (TPD) approved 737 investment projects, including TPA – 535 to BMS – 202.

The total estimated cost of all approved projects amounts to 5,5 billion U.S. dollars, including foreign investments – 1,5 billion (27,3% of the total estimated project costs), of which the TPA – 4,5 billion U.S. dollars, foreign – 1,2 billion (26,7% of the total estimated value of projects approved by the TPA) to BMS – 963 million U.S. dollars, foreign – 248 million dollars (25,7%) .

In the framework of implementation of investment projects by business entities:

– To attract investment to 1.9 billion U.S. dollars (or 34.5% of the estimated project costs), of them foreign – to 563 million dollars (30% of all involved), including during September 2004 – 65.3 million (3.4% of the total volume of attracted investments), of which foreign account 9,2 million (14% of the volume of investments attracted in September 2004,);

– Assimilated investments by 8,9 billion hryvnia (or 86,4% of the total amount of attracted investments). The greatest share in the structure of investments 54% of the total volume of investments has facilities (4.8 billion hryvnia) funds – 12,4% (1,1 billion hryvnia), raw materials – 9% (776 million hryvnia ). In September 2004, mastered the investment to 323 million hryvnia, or 2,6% of the total volume of investments;

– 50,1 thousand created and saved 83 thousand jobs, including in September 2004 – created by 515 and saved 843 jobs.

– Sold products (goods, works and services) to 39.3 billion hryvnia, including export – 13.8 billion hryvnia (35% of there total sales). In September 2004 sold products (goods, works and services) at 1.9 billion hryvnia (5% of total sales), of which exports – 774 million hryvnia (6% of the total volume of goods sold for export).

According to the Department of Economics regional governors in September 2004 to the budgets of all levels of implementation of investment projects submitted to Taxes on 238 million hryvnia, including: income tax – 6.9 million hryvnia, value-added tax – 162 million hryvnia, income tax citizens – 15 million hryvnia. The largest volume of taxes paid to the budgets of subjects of entrepreneurship: TPD of Donetsk region – 182 million hryvnia (76,5% of total income here), TPA in Kharkiv – 9.7 million hryvnia (4%), FEZ "Transcarpathia" – 8,9 million hryvnia (3,7%), SEZ Donetsk – 5,5 million hryvnia (2%), FEZ "Sycamores" – 15 million hryvnia (6%).

During the September 2004 business entities, FEZ and TPD benefits granted in the amount of 275.3 million hryvnia, including: income tax – the 16 million hryvnia, value added tax – 38.2 million hryvnia, import customs duty – 219.9 million hryvnia. The greatest benefits in terms of the subjects were given a business in the TPD of Donetsk region – 167 million hryvnia (61% now total benefits) in the SEZ "Donetsk" – 59,6 million hryvnia (22%), in FEZ "Transcarpathia" – 17 1 million hryvnia (6%).

According to the Lviv Oblast State Administration in the star "yazku with no fulfillment of investment obligations regarding the implementation of investment project in September this year, was withdrawn from the registration of a subject of FEZ" Sycamores.

At the territory of priority development in the Transcarpathian region broken contract for investment projects with entrepreneurs in regard to the late start of the project.

The issue of special areas is the permanent control of the Ministry of Economy and European Integration of Ukraine, central and local executive authorities.

Working Group to study the situation on the ground on the state of the law on the functioning of special (free) economic zones and priority development territories in the period from 21 to 24 September 2004 carried out verification of compliance with legislation in the territories of priority development in the Volyn region. The review of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informed by letter that's 29.09.2004 № 22-31/4498-10.

In order to ensure optimization of the conditions of SEZ and TPD adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:

"On amendments to some of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine", for changes in the consideration and approval of investment projects in that the order changes to the approved investment projects at the local level (08.09.04 № 1168);

"On amendments to some of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine", to amend the lists of priority economic activities in the territories of priority development of Volyn, Zhytomyr, Transcarpathian and Kharkiv regions (15.10.04 № 1358);

"Amendments to the Procedure for the analysis of the results of the special economic zones and territories with special regime of investment activity in part to bring to the analysis of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Ministry of Industrial Policy, Ministry of Transport and the Antimonopoly Committee with a view to a more comprehensive assessment of the impact of investment projects socio-economic condition of the location of specific regions of the territories and the economy of Ukraine in the whole (08.09.04 № 1167).

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