Placing information in the database (DB)

The Centre provides companies with an interest in attracting investment, to post information about their innovation, investment projects and technologies in the database portal. To do this you need to register. The registration process is described below.

Working in this section, you can make FREE / edit the information in the database.

By registering you get in using a private office with a personal Web address, for example, “”.

From Personal Area You also get access to the database “Marketplace”, where you can contribute information about your products manufactured / services rendered (price lists) or to advertise the sale or purchase of business.

Procedure for registration

To start recording you need in the upper left corner of the screen click on “Register”.

In the new window that appears, you will be asked to fill out registration form. Form fields marked with (*) are required. As login using your email address.

After filling in the fields of a registration form, your e-mail within minutes will receive a letter with the link (link) activate your account. Click on this link.

Once your account you will once again be with us from supporting an administrator portal for registration. This registration process is complete and you become a full member of the portal.

Read, write and edit information

A registered user to access the databases must be in the top left corner of the screen click on “Login” and enter your Username and Password. In the upper left corner of the screen after that will see two new buttons: “Your Account” and “Exit.”

Without pressing the buttons you get free access to the databases for free viewing of information.

If you want to make their information in the database, you must click on the “My Account”. After clicking this button you will find yourself in the “My Account”.

“My Account” – this is your “desktop” on the portal with advanced features. From the “Personal cabinet” You can contribute information to the database, and Subsequent to edit or delete it. To exit the “Personal cabinet” you need in the upper left corner of the screen click on “Exit.”

For all your questions, please contact the portal administrator.