Rusty should be together with partners.

What kind of line of business will be successful? According to Maxim Nogotkova, president of the company “runner” need “to find the discontented.” That is, find out what it is not enough buyers, or that do not like in this or that product. It was found that niche and should take as long as it did anyone else. This simple advice is working.

Particular attention is Mr. marigold recommends pay their contractors. According to him, the small companies to work better with the same “kids”. “Always be a valuable customer for their bank, for its suppliers – advised Maxim marigolds. – This will provide incentives, discounts, deferred payment, which you would not have to, for example, a major bank. After all, for it until you and your that the minor turns of no value represent. Therefore, the claim is that he has provided you with any special conditions, can not. ” Growing company has with its contractors. To the extent that it will gain momentum, it should pass to the service in more than a big bank, start working with larger customers. In general, work better with the organizations “of their size.”

Service standards should always be kept at a high level. And even surpassing that of its competitors, billing higher prices. Deviate from this rule can not in any case. In this Mr. marigold sees the key to successful development: “The friendly attitude towards the customers can not lose, even if the goods you are instantly at odds.”

Also Maxim marigolds warned that people who start a business, you need to be alert to the possibility that new ideas rarely enthusiastically accepted others. For example, a couple of years ago, according to the survey called “runner” people are perceived as a whole is positive, but felt that it was not suitable for mobile phone shops. Now, as shown by the same polls, is the name of the majority of respondents considered successful. “In proportion as success comes, – concluded Mr. marigold – you get more and more supporters of your idea. While initially it could and reject.