Investors will convince the figures.

Almost all the speakers who had experience in creating business from scratch, agreed that the business plan they had no need. For example, Irina Eldarhanova, chairman of the board of directors of the company “Konfael” had this to say: “We have a business plan was not. Now, in retrospect, I think that if he was, we would not have helped. We just could not consider it all that happened later.

Still, the business plan needed. Without it, a conversation with an investor simply does not take place. This was confirmed by Yelena Lomakin, manager of Ernst & Young. Investors have to convince the numbers that represent a businessman. They are important to know the prospects of the market in which it operates. And, without seeing the calculations and evaluations, as reflected in the business plan, a serious investor will never start to cooperate. Irina Eldarhanova agreed with this: “Without a business plan is difficult to attract investment. It’s tough, but perhaps someday in our country will incubators. Then the money for start – up will be easier to obtain.

Ms. Eldarhanova also advised the participants of the conference clearly to build a business from the outset. After all, if the venture proves successful, the company can grow very quickly. And with it will grow and chaos in the business processes. Only then have to clean up will be harder. So think about it should be at the stage start – up. It is, incidentally, look at how to do business in the West: “I have a son, quite successfully, the modern businessman – said Irina. – But I tell him that, in comparison with foreign businessmen you just antediluvian farmer. We are all a lot to learn in terms of business process management.