The main thing is to stock up optimism.

Artistry and optimism – the basic ingredients for success in business. So says Lyudmila Murgulets, vice president of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia. The first investment should be made to himself, in his appearance, in nurturing optimism. In other words, to feel your own positive attitude and transmit it to others. It is extremely important to feel confident in their own abilities. And who has this happy quality? Only the optimists. The man, confident in their abilities, not notice the difficulties. These things are obvious, such as would be understood by many. But the people actually doing little to try to translate this approach into their lives. I guess it’s too easy, and most believe that success in business – it is something mysterious.

Ms. Murgulets sure that it is impossible to start a business without having the artistry and charm. After the first stage have to negotiate with many people, you will find money for translating business ideas. Potential investors and partners will judge a man by his conduct, according to how he inspires confidence. Here and in need artistry, benevolence and self-confidence. Ludmila Murgulets remembered how to draw an American partner, she and her companions managed solely by the fact that they managed to “create a positive aura around him, an atmosphere of trust.”

Strange as it may sound, but the most important resources are beginning businessman – this is a bad situation in which it finds itself. Arguments Ms. Murgulets resulted as follows: “Agree that it is hard to throw more stable wages. You know that tomorrow, whatever happens, you will have the money. And part of this confidence is almost all people is not easy. So what is worse – the better start. If a person is dissatisfied with the situation, and he has ambitions, the difficult situation in which he appeared, to bolster his forces to do a thing.