The budget is true only “two days from the date of signing. The reason – among the Russian market it is too rapidly. Therefore, to make accurate predictions on any segment of the market is unable to even those people who are actually working on it and keep track of all the current changes.

Some of the numbers can be planned only when the market is satiated specific product. Now these products a bit. And do nerastuschim business, in the opinion Evgeny Chichvarkin, uninteresting. If you can increase your capital, drawing in new customers, why tackle the segment already squeezed predecessors? In addition to developing new markets profitable, it also causes excitement. As said by Mr. Chichvarkin: “I do for experiments. And as soon as the financial opportunity came, we started to do it. And we will continue, because it’s interesting.”

Of course, to organize your business, a person must be a certain fraction of adventurism. And do not be afraid to try. For example, Chichvarkin told how his company decided to start work in Tatarstan: “It was believed that enter into Tatar market is impossible, there is charged with the local bad men. We have tried, and found nothing of the kind. Local there engaged in oil and tents near Metro do not matter. In general, if someone has something to sell, you can always open up a number and make the price of one percentage point lower. This general law. ”