Time of business planning will come when companies will be a high level of management, when all the niches are densely occupied. Then the serious work needed to reduce costs. And as a consequence – the leaders will be interested in vivid detail their expenses. Own experience as a business, Mr. Chichvarkin formulated as follows: “There was no time to write a business plan, it was necessary to find ways how to make money.

When is it such a problem – a quick profit – take no time. We must choose the “fighters” and start to act quickly. Mr. Chichvarkin told how he now forms a team, which will be working in a particular region. The nucleus is approximately seven people. And to pick up first – which will be head – you need to spend a lot of time. On the second – less, but also necessary, and then descending. And once the team is ready, they have no need. They can be sent to the region, they all do. Development Director find an office, a specialist on staff pick up the staff, etc. Each will do its part of the common cause. Business owners can only control, but there are measures already chosen individually for each team.