Regulation of investor participation in privatization is carried out in accordance with a Russian “Law on privatization”, and developed the federal (regional) program of selling assets of state and municipal enterprises to private ownership or transfer to individual owners under certain conditions. The attractions here is the provision of property rights to physical and legal persons, including foreign, on land, on which the investment object.

Examination of investment projects carried out on all the external, national and regional programs, implemented due to budgetary and extrabudgetary funds. Investments from other sources are subject to public examination in matters of compliance with environmental and sanitary requirements. Particularly careful examination should be projects involving foreign investors applying for additional tax, customs and other privileges.

The regulation of investment activities through effective depreciation policy involves setting optimal standards depreciation of fixed capital, primarily equipment. With regard to intangible assets, the cancellation rules established investors themselves within 10 years. Optimal, including accelerated, depreciation allows you to create tools and update the constant capital firm (company).

Concessional lending – loans for social and economic development regions, industries and individual firms (companies) to reduce the bank interest.