The Dow has hit 6 year highs as it rose 71.24 to 11,354.49. Among the movers was GM as analyst move in to give their word about this potentially explosive stock in the future. GM moved up 1.74 to 23.15 a 8% percent increase in one day. Analysts are expecting GM to bring 15 percent increase in first quarter profit. The news of GM carried a up trend for other US auto companies as Ford jumped 0.20 to 7.18. We are starting to see that US auto makers turned around their way of selling to the people and now the people are turning their thoughts and opinions around on them, so thinks look good for these US auto makers.

Oil has fallen for the past three days and it is now trading at $71.93 a bit lower then the $75 high. I have seen the oil price do this so many times. Oil hits highs, the president makes a speech, oil drops a bit, propaganda heats up in the Middle East, oil hits new highs, repeat. I find this to be beyond insider trading at times because this deals with the earth as whole, but there is really nothing we can do besides ride the bus with them.

Among other movers Boeing has increase orders but didn’t meet expectations as it fell 0.20 to 84.91, Pepsi gained a 12 percent profit and it showed as it jumped 0.36 to 57.86, and CBS Corp. fell because of low earnings to 25.15 a 0.22 loss.