The prices of the metals are moving up just as fast as the prices of oil. Here is a metal round-up of the current prices and where they are expected to go. There are many factors as to why the metal prices are rising including the China’s demand for more raw materials. The outlook of the metals has brought rise in commodity funds from $30 billion to $80 billion within a year and it is expected to step up another 38 percent this year. Expect energy and commodities to go up with Asia’s demand.

Gold (630.80) has been melting in the hands of investors as the prices have been at decades highs with no end in sight. Analyst are on top of predictions as they try to figure out this gold rush, but they are currently riding the trend. Marc Faber out of Hong Kong is saying, “If the Dow Jones goes up three times in the next 10 years, I think gold prices will go up by a minimum 10 times to something like $US6000 an ounce.” That is 10 times the price gold is currently trading at. Funds are moving their money where the metals are and many will follow.

Copper (7000 per ton) has hit its all time high and it look to continue up. Supply is not meeting demands and due to a strike at a Chile this is looking like a nice buy for many. Funds are pushing money into commodities such as copper, zinc and silver as the global economy grows.

Silver (12.53), Platinum (1126), and Palladium (363) are all in the up movement, but since gold has been getting much attention these metals tend to be out of the minds of many.

Currently the metals has what it takes to move up. As demands increase so will the prices and to get a piece of the action act now before it is to late.