Foreign investment in Russia – an attachment to an object of business activity on its territory in the form:
1. implementation of the agreed real project;
2. money;
3. Securities;
4. property;
5. exclusive rights to intellectual property;
6. information technology;
7. services.
Foreign investors are operating in accordance with the law and representing the interests of their country:
• foreign government;
• authorized foreign government, local governments;
• foreign legal entity;
• a foreign organization without legal entity;
• capable foreigner;
• legal capacity a person without citizenship.
In addition, investing in the Russian economy may involve various international financial institutions, if it does not contradict the interests of national security.
Russia – potentially the most favorable in terms of investment a country with rich natural resources, the world’s largest area and large size of the domestic market.
However, the weakness and lack of stability of our country, the existing political and economic risks deter potential foreign investment inflows, which go mainly
in the form of loans and financial instruments in the field of mining and related processing plants and also in the form of joint ventures.