Services (business planning)

The Centre is ready to take the development of any of the components of the structure of the business plan. Develop you business plan as a whole, as well as to prepare an investment project for those who wish to work in the SEZ Ukraine. Such projects have their own specifics. To conduct their expertise and give not only his own opinion, but also recommendations for correcting mistakes, or to take this work themselves.

Find business partner

Business partner search service is divided into several stages, during which there is a gradual narrowing of the number of potential partners in connection with the specification of the profile, the conditions and forms of cooperation. The degree of probability of a cooperation agreement (or the opposite) increases (decreases) as you progress through each stage. You can define the stage at which the professional assistance of the Centre will no longer be required and from which you will operate independently:

* Prepare information on a preferred market, and the company (firm), working on it for a focused search of potential partners;
* Consultations with companies to identify the interest in establishing contact with you and in considering proposals for cooperation;
* Conducting primary negotiations with the companies pre-selected in the previous step for identifying the interest in the proposed form of cooperation;
* To provide legal support for the conclusion of an agreement between you and future partners.

Organization of long-term financing (investment, lending):

* Evaluate the attractiveness of investment business ideas and analysis of the company;
* Consultations and methodological assistance in developing a business project and the formation of the necessary documents (including preparation of application, resume, business proposal);
* Selection of the investor;
* Obtain and harmonization of conditions and procedures for interested investor;
* Business correspondence;
* Post-processing, presentation and protection of the customer before the project investor;
* Integrated services of the project.