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Technology parks in China – part 3

In March 1986 the Chinese government has approved the State Programme of development of high science and technology (“863 Program”). The priority directions of development of knowledge-based industries were identified as follows: * Microelectronics and Computer Science; * Aerospace; * Optical fiber; * Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; * New energy-saving technologies; * Environmental technology and […]

Technology parks in China – part 4

In May 1988, Decree of the State Council of China established the first industrial park – Beijing experimental zone for developing new technologies, located in the area Haydan. In the Zone, with a total area of over 100 square meters. km., is located about 50 universities, including Beijing State University and Qinghua University, 130 research […]

Technology parks in China – part 5

Enough to successfully develop the scientific-industrial park (GMP) “Cinch”, located in Taiwan. It was established in 1980 in the village Cinch 70 km. Taipei. Nearby are the two largest national university Tonghua and Chiatung. At present, the PNP employs about 15tys. highly skilled professionals. The park is based Research Institute of Industrial Technology, United Microelectronics […]

Technology parks in China – part 6

With the help of the scientific-industrial park “Cinch” is planned to increase the share of private domestic and foreign firms in overall government spending on R & D from 55 percent in 1994 to 70 percent by 2000 Cost of products exported from the zone of the park has risen from 1 billion. dollars in […]

Technology parks in China – part 7

In a preliminary business plan includes a balance of costs and revenues. This projected rents for innovative businesses is $ 70 per 1 m2 per year and $ 140 per m2 per year for commercial structures. Fees vary depending on a set of services. According to preliminary calculations, the cost of capital construction of a […]

System Technology Parks in Europe

System Technology Parks in Europe 1st place of innovation centers in the scientific and technological infrastructure In Western countries, innovation centers play an important role in the infrastructure of science and technology. In most countries, innovation centers have been established in the mid-eighties to improve interaction between the scientific and technical sectors and markets, as […]

System Technology Parks in Europe – part 2

Patenting, licensing and financing Many innovative centers provide small and medium-sized enterprises service to protect their inventions and intellectual property rights related to patenting and obtaining a license. This function is often implemented at the national level, where you can effectively use the available databases. Increased commercial activity: Innovation and Technology Management Many centers provide […]

Technopark structure

Technopark structure At the present time, there are many many different forms of technopark structures: science parks, technology and research parks, innovation, innovation and technology and business innovation centers, Technology Transfer Centre, business incubators and technology incubators, virtual incubators, techno and others. Between some of these forms, there are fundamental differences associated with different functional […]

Technopark structure – part 2

Technoparks By means of scientific and technological park territorial production complex, whose main task is to create the most conducive environment for the development of small and medium-sized high-tech innovative firms clients. Concept of industrial park fairly close to the concept of an incubator in the field of innovation. Both elements of innovation infrastructure is […]

Technoparks – venture business

Venture business: risk – a noble cause Venture investment, creating a technological boom, has given life “new economy” and to ensure America indisputable advantages in the construction of post-industrial society. The young and have potential for growth companies are always in need of funding, especially in the early stages of development. But with no operating […]