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Technology parks in Europe

Technology parks in Europe Paradoxically, what crises are of particularly rapid growth of technology parks. When in the early 80’s, many parts of the UK hit a crisis in the textile and coal industries, Margaret Thatcher decided to create a regional crisis, industrial parks near universities. Now there are over 40. The rate at industrial […]

Technology parks in Europe – 2

An example of European industrial park can serve as a “Chateou Bombert Technopole” (city of Mariel, France), covering an area of 180 hectares, uniting 50 enterprises, employing 1,100 staff. The hotel companies – infrastructure technology park, business incubator, conference halls, exhibition halls, a restaurant, a technological institute with 230 researchers and 1200 students, the center […]

Technology parks in Europe – 3

This scheme has proved very effective and since the beginning of the industrial park now (early 80’s) has led to literally transform the entire region. The old factory building renovated beyond recognition. Around once people started to settle, there were shops, restaurants, hotels, new roads, etc. However, such a transformation was possible only in a […]

Technology parks in Europe – 4

In Aachen University, Institute of Materials for Electronics (RWTH Aachen, Institut fur Wekstoffe der Elektronik) created an innovative center that is part of the institute and is engaged in the creation and transfer to industry of its basic development. One performed at the University under the guidance of prof. Vaser (Prof. Waser) work (material for […]

Technology parks in Europe – 5

At the Institute of Semiconductors, which is part of the Aachen University, the current model of technology transfer, in general, similar to that described in the previous case, but, of course, has some differences. So, at the Institute under the supervision of Professor Kurtz (Prof. Dr. H. Kurz) operates a privately held company AMO GmbH, […]

Technology parks in Ukraine

Technology parks in Ukraine Analysis of international experience shows that economic growth in modern conditions requires the creation of appropriate conditions and mechanisms that encourage innovation and the introduction of its results in the economic practice. The most popular activities in this direction include the establishment of technology parks. Since 70-ies “technology park wave” swept […]

Technology parks in Ukraine – part 2

As a concrete example is the work of Technopark “PWI them. Paton. For 3 years the participants Technopark approved innovative projects produced goods in the amount of 1.256 bln., Including exports 178.5 mln. The budget Technopark received at the beginning of its activities 0,5 million hryvnia, as listed in the budget for three years 34,2 […]

Technology parks in Ukraine – part 3

Technology parks in Ukraine At Inguletsky GOK launched an innovative project on pre-enrichment of iron ore by dry magnetic separation technology and magnetic flotation concentrates. Implementing this project improves the iron content in the concentrate from 64 to 70%, which corresponds to the performance of the world GOKs working on a much richer ores. In […]

Technology parks in China

Technology parks in China The term “technology park” is being made to understand such widely spread model structures, such as technological innovation centers (business and technology incubators). Their fundamental difference is defined objectives, but they are not exclusive but complementary. For example, business incubators established to promote the market for those goods and services, which […]

Technology parks in China – part 2

It is difficult to classify unambiguously one or another SEZ, since they possess the characteristic features of many areas. However, among the common in the world of special economic zones can be distinguished a number of specific, task-oriented: 1. customs zone; 2. Tax-free trade zones; 3. Customs Free Zone; 4. free trade zone; 5. foreign […]