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Zone on chicken legs

Once the establishment of free economic zones in Ukraine, accompanied by a loud argument on the stimulation of development of depressed regions. Convinced, they say, if you can not create a favorable economic climate in the country, it is necessary to encourage a brighter future, even if its individual parts, primarily due to the absence […]

The American model of SEZ in the development of regions

In the United States of America currently operates three types of free economic zones. The first of them – about 200 foreign trade zones and subzones, physically located in the U.S., but actually located outside the customs territory of the country. Start creating such SEZ refers to 1934, when the U.S. economy was under the […]

Special Economic Zones India

The new strategy was introduced in the Export-Import Policy from 1 April 2000 with the base Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in the country to ensure the conditions for a smooth and competitive exports. Enterprises may be based in SEZ to manufacture, trade, repair or service activities. Companies in this zone must work exclusively on attracting […]

Review of investment zones in China

Investment Zones in China are an important mechanism for foreign investors, where they receive preferential treatment for certain types of businesses, as well as for China, where experiments are processed new business concept and is controlled by a market opening. Let us consider briefly in this article the role of such zones in China's economy, […]

Free trade zones and export processing zones in China

Consider the differences and similarities between the two types of investment zones, which are widely used as a basis for foreign investment and exports: Free trade zone (FCZ) and Export Processing Zones (EPZs). Government statistics shows that the activities of the export processing and trade has always been a priority for the development of China's […]

World experience of creation and functioning of free economic zones

Free economic zones – this is obviously one of the most visible institutional innovation, and the economy marked the second half this century. In the 90's. alone mono-ethnic export processing zones are more than 500. The total number of employees and current FTE employees is 1,5 million people. Total exports from these zones is estimated […]

Terms of FEZ Brest

1. This Regulation sets out the legal basis of the functioning of free economic zone in the city of Brest (hereinafter – FEZ "Brest"). 2. FEZ "Brest" – part of the territory of the Republic of Belarus with precisely defined boundaries. Authority control of this zone is the Administration of FEZ "Brest" (hereinafter – Administration). […]

Free Trade Area of the Dominican Republic

The first Free Trade Zones of the Dominican Republic appeared in the Dominican Republic in 1969, when the whole world there were no more than a dozen. Now it is 40 FTA, 15 of which belong to the government, 23 – and two private international corporations are managed. Number of FTA Dominican Republic took 4 […]

Global experience using the free economic zones

The importance of free economic zones (SEZ) as a tool of industrialization, economic development and global integration can be judged by the interest shown to them in the developed and developing countries. Governments are using the area to boost economic activity, increase investment, employment, international trade, etc. In the long term aspect of the zone […]

Free economic zones of North Korea

November 28, 1991 the supreme people's assembly Democratic People's Republic of Korea enacted a law "On the Rajin-Sonbonskoy free economic zone" ("race"). For the first time in modern history of the North Korean government has allowed its territory to conduct economic activities of foreign companies, including and companies in the capitalist countries. The purpose of […]