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Special economic zones and territories of priority development * SEZ and TPD in Donetsk region * The special regime of investment activity on priority development territories in Zhytomyr region * A special regime of investment activity in territories of priority development in Luhansk region * Special Economic Zone “Sycamores” * SEZ and TPD in the […]

SEZ Administration

Administration № FEZ and TPD Name and surname Position Phone 1. TPA in the Volyn region Rozhelyuk Vladimir D. First Deputy Chairman of the City Council Novovolynsk (03344) 323-01faks – 303-25 2. SEZ and TPD in Donetsk region Teplitsky Gregory Moiseevich Secretary of the Board (0622) Tel. 907-642 (517) 3. TPA in Zhytomyr region Vuylov […]

Information on the activities of SEZ and TPD in Ukraine for 10 months of 2004.

As of 01.10.04, since the beginning of functioning of the administration of special economic zones (SEZ) and territories of priority development (TPD) approved 737 investment projects, including TPA – 535 to BMS – 202. The total estimated cost of all approved projects amounts to 5,5 billion U.S. dollars, including foreign investments – 1,5 billion (27,3% […]

Myths about SEZah hit the Donbas

In 1998, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law "On special economic zones and special regime of investment activity in Donetsk region". His main goal was to overcome the deep economic depression areas related to the closure (restructuring) mines. Now Donetsk region has one of the last places in Ukraine in terms of unemployment and the […]

Free Economic Zones

Active inclusion of an increasing number of countries in the international geographical division of labor, their ingrowth into the world economy, the realization of the basic principles of economic openness, the dominance of export specialization have led to the emergence and dissemination of such new forms of organization, as a free economic zone (SEZ). The […]

Free Trade Zones in Turkey

Office of Free Economic Zones 06510 Emek, Ankara Tel.: (90-312) 212 8258 Fax: (90-312) 212 8906 E-mail: Free Economic Zone Mersin PK15 Mersin Tel.: (90-324) 238 7590, 238 7594 Fax: (90-324) 238 7597

Free and Special Economic Zones – a condition investment processes

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) can be defined as part of the country's economic complex in the area, dedicated to the general economic context as a priority, providing distribution and production of the social product to achieve certain specific objectives in the socio-economic development.

Companies in the Free Economic Zones (SEZ) in the United Arab Emirates

Entry On the territory of the United Arab Emirates, there are several free economic zones (SEZs), some of which are based on ports (Jebel Ali, Ajman, Hamriyya, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaima), while others – based on the airports (Sharjah, Dubai, Fujairah).

Free economic zone "Brest"

Free economic zone "Brest" has been created to attract foreign investments and the challenges associated with economic development in the region. The territory of FEZ "Brest is located in the northwestern part of town, on land the Brest region and the airport" Brest ". Teritoiya SEZ is a dedicated, land area of 7081 hectares.

Recommendations of the leaders of the World Association of export processing zones to create SEZ

Managers Association R. Bolin, and P. Heywood, having studied the experience of creating free economic zones in different countries, prepared recommendations for the development of a draft law on SEZ in Russia. The materials consist of six chapters: the purpose and scope of the law, the establishment and management of BMS, benefits to users zone, […]