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Government regulation of investment activity

Creating a favorable investment climate in the country due to a clear state regulation of investment activities. In the first case of the legislative framework – the publication of laws and regulations governing investment. Legislation Russia includes more than 100 laws relating to regulation of investment activities. Among them, we must highlight the laws: 1. […]

Government regulation of investment activity – 2

The regulation of financial investment involves the establishment of legislative bodies the possibility of issuing different types of securities, the order of their treatment, requirements for issuers, forms and methods of individual financial instruments at primary and secondary stock market, state control over the circulation of securities and financial intermediaries. Government should develop the concept […]

Government regulation of investment activity – 3

Regulation of investor participation in privatization is carried out in accordance with a Russian “Law on privatization”, and developed the federal (regional) program of selling assets of state and municipal enterprises to private ownership or transfer to individual owners under certain conditions. The attractions here is the provision of property rights to physical and legal […]

Performance securities

Securities – financial documents proving ownership and allowing them to receive some income. In transactions involving securities issuer and the investor. Each of them wants to get benefit. Issuer, having received money from the sale of securities, seeks to invest in business in the lucrative field of business. The depositor is hoped that putting money […]

Primary, secondary securities market

Securities market may be the primary and secondary. Primary – Market, service release (emission) and the placement of securities. Secondary – the market, where the sale of previously issued securities. Typically, securities are traded on a stock or stock exchange, although they may appeal and OTC way – by phone, fax, computer networks. Known the […]

Effectiveness of investment projects

The effectiveness of the investment project – the ratio of the results and costs incurred in relation to the interests of its members. The effectiveness of investment projects characterized by a system of indicators: 1. business – consider the financial implications of projects for the immediate parties; 2. budget – reflecting the financial results of […]

Effectiveness of investment projects – 2

For the valuation of outcomes and costs can be used for basic, world, forecast and estimated prices. Baseline – existing in the national economy price at a particular time. Base price for any product or service, as well as investment resources is constant throughout the accounting period. World – prices that are set for goods […]

Effectiveness of investment projects – 3

Budget revenues consist of: • value-added tax, special and other tax revenues, taking into account available exemptions, rental payments of domestic and foreign firms (companies) in the part related to the implementation of the investment project; • increase (decrease) in tax revenues from third-party companies and organizations, the financial condition of which varies with the […]

Effectiveness of investment projects – 4

Budget expenditures include: • funds for direct budget financing of the project; • Loans from the Central, regional and authorized banks for selected participants of the project, allocated as loans to be compensated by the budget; • Direct budget allocations to the allowance to market prices for fuel and energy; • benefits for persons who […]

Effectiveness of investment projects – 5

As a result of the project are considered: • the final production results – revenues from sales of products, works and services, less consumed by the participants of the project; • social and environmental results, calculated from the joint action of all members of the investment project on public health, social and environmental situation in […]