The objectives of the Centre are:

* Information management of production and trade and economic relations between manufacturers and consumers of products and services;
* Formation of a marketing and information infrastructure market, including the development of measures to enhance the competitiveness of goods and services, marketing, business security, the definition of “commodity niches and market segments for different groups of products and services, development of insurance market;
* Software for manufacturers of products and services available rapidly for treated and systematized information about the investment and commodity markets, travel, services, legal and regulatory information about tax and customs legislation, advice on investment planning, finding partners, insurance, etc.;
* Support business contacts with government agencies, businesses, civic and other organizations for purposes of representation and exchange of information;
* Creation and support of horizontal (at the national level) and vertical (at sub-national level) relationship for the collection and processing of primary information, the organization of regional centers (in areas where the SEZ, the TPA, parks);
* Assist in the delivery of business services, including: the organization of business meetings and negotiations, the establishment and registration of joint ventures, advising on various matters of legislation, the issues of taxation, foreign trade and banking, etc.;
* Organization of marketing research on the orders of investors and business entities;
* Advertising, etc.