7 signs when there’re trables with a tour agency

1. If you are booking the tour do not ask for a passport. A major travel agency is obliged to check the validity of the passport, date of its termination in accordance with the visa regime the country of destination, make a request passport number and rewrite the “transcription” family customer

2. If the firm does not operate on weekends. Most flights falls on the weekend. Monitoring of clients in a reliable company round the clock;

3. If the company issuing a ticket to the place of rest, and the reverse – no. In most cases this is very alarming. He said that the tour operator is unreliable. Maybe we should abandon the trip and request a refund. Otherwise, you risk not fly back in time and pay for the ticket twice;

4. If the travel agency promised to open a visa for a shorter period than the standard required for its clearance. For the actions of any visa services travel agency bear no responsibility. That risk is nothing to spend their money has grown significantly;

6. Neatly with “burning vouchers” – as any “utsenenku, guarantees are not covered. To understand this, enough to read the contract travel agency;

7. When you find the lowest prices on the ticket. As a rule, they “dump” tour operators that are in the “black list”. In the best case you get into another hotel.