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Obama and the stock market

With an Obama victory, there are many things to look for in the stock market going forward. First is the fact that democratic presidents have been historically better for the stock market than their republican counterparts. But beyond the issue of political party there are a few industries and ideas to help you become better […]

Counting to Three

After Enron, Tyco, and other companies we would have thought that these public companies would take a page from their book and get their accounting correct. Not the case for Fannie Mae (FNM) as they are now facing fines up to $400 million since they decided to cook the books for $11 billion. I imagine […]

50 Million To Get $250 Check In May – Social Security Recipients Get $250 Check From 2009 Stimulus Package

Fifty million people, one-sixth of the population, will be receiving checks from the stimulus package in May. The payments go to those who do not qualify for “Making Work Pay,” a tax credit that offers $400 per person or $800 per couple. The lowdown and possible investment opportunities…

Picking Apple

Bernanke talks the markets listen as the Dow has hit its second largest gain of the year jumping 212 to 11,011. Just as the Dow struck gains so did the NASDAQ 37.49 and the S&P 22.95. A very positive outlook on today’s markets.


The markets are not so good because the world seems to be unstable. In one way or another much of the people are divided on who is right and who is wrong. Often times it is those who care the most suffer the most as the big politicians and other forms of power push and […]

Jobs Report Negative

Another poor jobs report came out today that put the number of jobless Americans at the highest in 14 years at the current rate of 6.5%. This is bad news all around and will inevitably affect consumer confidence, total spending, and the housing and finance market that is dealing with large amounts of people who […]

Green World

Both the Dow and the NASDAQ took a hit today as many investors are very confused about what is going on with the economy after the job report fell, but this may put a slow down on the rate hike.


We all heard the whisper turned into a shout and just like that the news spread faster then Angelina’s new baby. Today was a down Monday for many of the markets including the Dow and the NASDAQ. The Dow fell almost 200 points to 11,048 and just the Dow the NASDAQ took a big hit […]

Betting On Box Office Movie Hits

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has approved new futures on the success of new movie releases. The futures, traded online, will be a way to get exposure to new movie releases and ultimately finance new box office hits. The question before the CTFC was whether or not the new movie futures are viable investments or […]

A pathetic and irrational stock market, what else is new?

I could have never predicted Wall Street’s reaction to Friday’s unemployment report. The initial report came out that 598,000 more people lost their jobs in January making it the worst unemployment figures since this “crisis” began. The numbers were several percentage points higher than what the market was looking for but due to timely events […]