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Market Expectations

As earning season gets into high swing, the bears will be stretching out as the numbers for the reporting companies have been lower than expected. Look for the first of the Dow Components to announce its 3rd quarter results today from Alcoa. Modest profits are expected but the prevailing winds say that 3rd quarter results […]

China’s Black Gold

Chevron (CVX – 61.02) is reporting a $4 billion dollar first quarter profit, Exxon Mobil (XOM – 63.08) $8.4 billion, and ConocoPhillips (COP – 66.90 ) $3.29 billion. This past week these companies have been releasing their first quarter reports and many people are starting to wonder about these companies and the high oil (72)prices. […]

Hedge Fund Managers

Hedge funds have been talked about by so many people and yet many people really have no idea what they are or what is a hedge fund manager. A hedge fund is a fund set up privately with partners and the investments go outside of traditionally investments. Hedge funds will invest in gaming if the […]

GM Sparks DOW High

The Dow has hit 6 year highs as it rose 71.24 to 11,354.49. Among the movers was GM as analyst move in to give their word about this potentially explosive stock in the future. GM moved up 1.74 to 23.15 a 8% percent increase in one day. Analysts are expecting GM to bring 15 percent […]

To-day Trader

Japan is jumping the trend that hit the USA not so many years ago. Day trading once a hobby for some is fast becoming a profession for many. A full time job enjoyed by many because of the freedom involved in the job and they fell they are not bringing a profit for the corporate […]

Full Metal Prices

The prices of the metals are moving up just as fast as the prices of oil. Here is a metal round-up of the current prices and where they are expected to go. There are many factors as to why the metal prices are rising including the China’s demand for more raw materials. The outlook of […]

US Dollar Not Making Cents

For the past few months the US dollar has been falling to several currencies including the Japanese Yen (114.600). Currently the USD is at a 7 month low to the Euro (0.807087) and a 3 month low to the Yen. The fall is coming from the two year end of interest rates from the Federal […]

Drowning Oil with Alcohol

People are seeing signs that the fed is easing up on interest rates and this has sent oil past $71 a barrel and analyst are looking for oil to soar past $80. The energy markets will be seeing all time profits again this year if the oil continues to sky rocket. Where can we put […]

Fueling Burned Out Stocks

US auto makers are driving away investors because of negative numbers and at the same time oil companies are getting the attention of many because of all time profit. Whats driving these companies in two different directions? The price of oil plays in, but there are other things contributing to this mayhem.

2006 Gold Rush

You were not there for the California Gold Rush in 1848, but you are here for the gold rush of today. Five years ago the price of gold was about $270 and today the price has jumped to $616 and still moving in the up direction. Gold hasn’t been at these prices since like this […]