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Internet payment systems – 3

“In life nothing is one hundred percent reliable. The system can break, just a matter of price and time” Alexei Grishin (28), general director of “Peykesh Ukraine”: – To date we have in Ukraine about 30 thousand users, 45% of them in Kiev. After the customer has installed a computer program for the Internet. Purse […]

Internet payment systems – 4

– How long does the system detect unauthorized access to the client “wallet”? – Full responsibility for the safety of the client part of the program is the user. This rule is written in terms of using the system. – A burglary was? – No. – How much does it cost to clients for your […]

Internet payment systems – 5

– A kind of electronic passports in the system? – Yes, an electronic identification of person, a kind of guarantee that he is known to the system, and that he was not a rogue. In fact, on this our features and finishes. Each registrar in the system is a security deposit as collateral for transactions […]

STA is preparing a paper on a new selection of taxpayers

STA is preparing a paper on a new governing the selection of taxpayers for audits and for the actual tests. His study provides a basis to conclude: ignorance is chip Minister Alexander Kireev Need In the STA is almost ready to leave Methodical recommendations on the way that the schedule of checks of business entities […]

STA is preparing a paper on a new selection of taxpayers – 2

“Strukturisty” There is enthusiasm and proposed by the authors Manuals structure schedule. Foolishness, in accordance with which the audit plans, except for financial institutions, and entrepreneurs-physical persons can enter only “economic entities, enterprises engaged in foreign trade activities”, do we care enough. Although with the advent of the new leadership in the degradation of STA […]

STA is preparing a paper on a new selection of taxpayers – 3

“Sokraschateli” Most fundamentally (at least in terms of volume) the authors of the draft recommendations was to study the section entitled “Planning for the fund of working time. But since this is an internal affair of STA, we are on this issue shall not dwell. But the second part opus on the interaction of structural […]

STA is preparing a paper on a new selection of taxpayers – 4

Selection criteria (risks) plans to audit business-physical persons * Gross profit for the previous year or current year at the time of the plan-schedule more than 10 million grn.; * Level of tax burden (the ratio of average monthly income tax to the average monthly gross income) below 0.48%; * More than five employees; * […]

How to confirm an informal wages?

To obtain a consumer loan, potential borrowers must provide a bank certificate of employment of the position and the amount of income received in the last six months (with monthly breakdown). For employees of companies, where wages are paid according to Ukrainian legislation, obtaining such a document, formally confirming not only the source, but the […]

How to confirm an informal wages? -2

Today, many businesses enrolled wages of its employees to card accounts. If something is paid “envelope”, it is best to enroll in the same account cash received through the office of his bank. Fees for this typically are not charged: not for deposits or for cash withdrawals at ATMs of the same bank. As a […]

Inconvenient requirements of Ukrainian law

– The ancient Romans spoke of the need to strictly enforce laws. The only pity is that not all laws are perfect, so modern lawyers are increasingly inclined to think that the regulations do not exist to them faithfully execute, and if possible to bypass. One of the most popular loopholes – a conclusion of […]