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How to start your business?

How to start your business? The idea and the money to make it a reality – that’s what it takes to successfully start their own business. However, in practice it turns out that it is not sufficient. The first step is always difficult. Especially when talking about their own business. Share experiences and discuss problems […]

How to start your business? – 2

Business can be built without a plan. Expiration of the budget – two days. Voiced this idea first, he Chichvarkin, chairman of the Euroset. According to him in Russian business is still under construction, without a single digit. Yes, they are now not needed. Such controls as budgeting, management accounting, business planning – it’s all […]

How to start your business? – 3

Time of business planning will come when companies will be a high level of management, when all the niches are densely occupied. Then the serious work needed to reduce costs. And as a consequence – the leaders will be interested in vivid detail their expenses. Own experience as a business, Mr. Chichvarkin formulated as follows: […]

How to start your business? – 4

The budget is true only “two days from the date of signing. The reason – among the Russian market it is too rapidly. Therefore, to make accurate predictions on any segment of the market is unable to even those people who are actually working on it and keep track of all the current changes. Some […]

How to start your business? – 5

The main thing is to stock up optimism. Artistry and optimism – the basic ingredients for success in business. So says Lyudmila Murgulets, vice president of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia. The first investment should be made to himself, in his appearance, in nurturing optimism. In other words, to feel your own positive […]

How to start your business? – 6

Investors will convince the figures. Almost all the speakers who had experience in creating business from scratch, agreed that the business plan they had no need. For example, Irina Eldarhanova, chairman of the board of directors of the company “Konfael” had this to say: “We have a business plan was not. Now, in retrospect, I […]

How to start your business? – 7

Rusty should be together with partners. What kind of line of business will be successful? According to Maxim Nogotkova, president of the company “runner” need “to find the discontented.” That is, find out what it is not enough buyers, or that do not like in this or that product. It was found that niche and […]

7 signs when there’re trables with a tour agency

7 signs when there’re trables with a tour agency 1. If you are booking the tour do not ask for a passport. A major travel agency is obliged to check the validity of the passport, date of its termination in accordance with the visa regime the country of destination, make a request passport number and […]

Internet payment systems

Internet – is not only the biggest and most foolish archive reclaimed part of the universe. The emergence of electronic stores and auctions has made it as the most ambitious of all that has ever existed on Earth baraholok. For goods and services ordered over the Internet, will inevitably have to pay. But as representatives […]

Internet payment systems – 2

RU-PAY At the beginning of October marked the anniversary of the internet market, Ukrainian payment system Ru-Pay. Its developers claim that they are a limited liability company with “headquarters” in Mariupol. But the company Rupay Finansials Ltd., Dealing with the management and maintenance of the system Ru-Pay, registered in London. It supposedly provides financial services […]