You were not there for the California Gold Rush in 1848, but you are here for the gold rush of today. Five years ago the price of gold was about $270 and today the price has jumped to $616 and still moving in the up direction. Gold hasn’t been at these prices since like this since 1980’s.

The world is fast becoming unstable in many ways from oil problems to war and terror around the globe. People need assurance in their investments and nothing says it better than metal especially gold. Oil is starting to be traded on gold instead of the USD because people are fearing the dollar will fall.

The gold market isn’t for the big dogs anymore because you too can cash in on your share of gold. How to get your share of the gold rush? is the place to strike it rich on the price of gold and silver. Goldmoney has allowed the average person to buy gold because of breaking it down in grams instead of ounces and then storing your gold and silver in their vaults.

Goldmoney it is a basic bank with the exception of dealing in metal instead of paper currency which like the German Reichsmark of 1948 can be worth nothing in a matter of a night.

A gold bar weighs close to 400 ozs and will cost you a price of $246,400 USD. Goldmoney then stores these bars in a vault and then insures these bars. You buy portions of the gold and when you are ready to cash in your loot Goldmoney will wire the money into your account in your currency for your spending. In today’s markets Goldmoney is your bank with a excellent interest rate.

Goldmoney is less risk then the traditional banks and stands ahead in the currency world for trade. For years gold has often been considered a bad long term investment, but the unstable world has turned gold around and for this you too better capture a piece of the 2006 gold rush.